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Larry Swartz has been an instructor in literacy as well as dramatic arts at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto for 18 years. He has been an educator for 4 decades and is well-known for his use of children’s literature to help young people grow as readers, writers and citizens of the world.
As a classroom teacher, consultant, author and speaker, Larry has shared his enthusiasm and expertise with teachers, administrators, teacher-librarians and parents throughout Canada, the United States and Asia. Using Children’s Literature, The Arts, Confronting the Bully Issue  and Creating Caring Classrooms are some of the educational events important to Larry.

He is the author of several teacher resource publications including:

  • Dramathemes (4th edition)
  • Creating Caring Classrooms (with Kathleen Gould Lundy)
  • “This is a Great Book!” (with Shelley Stagg Peterson)

Award for Excellence in Continuing and Professional LearningThe Award for Excellence in Continuing and Professional Learning

This award recognizes additional qualifications instructors and facilitators for outstanding contributions to teaching and learning in continuing education at OISE. Larry Swartz, AQ facilitator in the Continuing and Professional Learning unit at OISE, has taught dramatic arts course since 1980 at both FEUT and OISE. Larry’s nomination package for this award illustrates his outstanding contributions to continuing and professional learning.

Heart of Reading AwardHeart of Reading Award

February 23 2017 – I was the recipient of the Heart of Reading Award presented by Reading For The Love Of It.

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