This a  posting of ten new picture books that came my way this fall, varied in format (e.g., autobiography,  biography, poetry) and theme (e.g., prejudice, cancer, assisted dying and gg donation
A DOOR MADE FOR ME by Tyler Merritt; illus. Lonnie Ollivierre
When on a vacation to visit his grandparents, Tyler enjuys going on fishing trips with his new friend Jack. When the two boys want to show their buckets full of catches,  a door is slammed in Tyler’s face because of the colour of his skin. This story, based on the author’s experiences, can help young people come to understand the challenge of overcoming prejudice – and opening doors. .
“But remember sweet boy, you are loved. And you are perfect just as you are. Another person’s hate doesn’t change that. You’ll find a door that’s right for you – and when you do, be sure to leave it open for the next kids struggling to get in.”
EVABEL by Katie Doering and Krista Perdue; illus. Alexandra Sanches
 A feisty playful child who enjoys tinkering and loves  making people smile and laugh, until the day she is diagnosed with a cancer diagnosis. This is a sensitive and engaging narrative about children dealing with cancer and their courageous journey being treated in the hospital.
“As she looked around the crowd, she realized staying at the hospital was hard at times, but it didn’t stop her from doing what she loved.”
I’M STICKING WITH YOU by Smriti Halls; illus. Steve Small
A bear and a squirrel depend on each other in good times and bad times. A wonderful wonderful. book about needing friends (even when we sometimes need our own spaces)  Sequel: I‘m Sticking With You, Too
“Whether we’re losing
or whether we win
We’ll be there together
Through thick and through thin.”
 LAST WEEK by Bill Richardson; illus. Leduc (ages 11+)
A child cherishes every moment, day by day, of their grandmother’s last week of life in this poignant portrayal of Assisted Dying.
Six hundred four thousand and eight hundred seconds Those are all the seconds any work, even a last week, can hold.”
NONNA & THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR by Gianna Patriarca; illus. Ellie Arscott
A celebration of play, neighbours and Nonna’s. This is a hearwarming story about the bond between grandmothers and grandchildren.
“The girls next door having everything. But they dont have my nonna.”
OUT INTO THE BIG WIDE LAKE by Paul Harbridge; illus. Josee Bisaillon
This story about a young girl, named Kate,  and the special times visiting with her grandparents in their lakeside home, is based on the author’s own sister who has Down Syndrome. Delivering groceries by boat is a special adventure, a special bond between Kate and her grandfather. Kate is put to the test of piloting the boat when her grandfather suddenly takes ill.
“Grandma took Kate’s hand, and they steered the boat together. Pull, and the boat went one ays. Push, and the boat went the other.”

POEMS LOUD by Joseph Coelho; illus. Daniel Gray-Barnett (poetry)
Joseph Coelho is the Waterstones Children’s Laureate 2022-24 and this collection of poems is designed readers to discover performance and writing techniques in order to build confidence with poetry and joy in reading poems aloud.
“When I’m happy
my cheeks feel like rosebuds,
my tummy glows with sunlight,
my shoulders are a forest breeze.”
SMILE OUT LOUD by Joseph Coelho; illus. Daniel Gray-Barnett (poetry)
This collection of 25 ‘happy poems’ intends to help young readers experience the fun of poetry and the spoken word.
“I woke up with a smile
as a dream tickled my head
I dreamed I was a crocodile
and marshmallows were my bed. “
TA-DA by Ellie Kay; illus. Farida Zaman
Hooray to Second Story press for publishing the first – and only – picture book that tells the story of Egg Donation.
“Mama, Dada, tell me again how I was made.”
THERE ONCE IS A QUEEN by Michael Morpurgo; illus. Michael Foreman

This book, by two British  children’s literature masters ,Michael Morpurgro (author ) and Michael Foreman (llustrator) to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee.  This treasured book is a celebration of Britain’s longest reigning monarch and beloved world figure. With her passing September 8, 2022, This is A Queen further serves as a tribute to the history and monumental life of a monarch devoted to crown, country and family.  This is an exquisite keepsake for past, present and future generations, young and old. 

There once is a Queen ever constant to her people…”


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Shout Out to the MARILYN BAILLIE best picture book of 2021 awarded to TIME IS A FLOWER written and illustrated by Julie Morstad.

Shout Out to Sheree Fitch and illustrator Carolyn Fisher for winning the first David Booth Poetry Award for their picture book SUMMER FEET

Shout Out to David A. Robertson and illustrator Julie Flett for receiving the $50 000 TD Canadian Children’s Literature prize for their picture book ON THE TRAPLINE as best book of 2021.