O CANADA! Picture books about Canada

To help celebrate Canadian history week (November 20-27), the following 10 picture titles can be shared to have students learn about the people, places and events of Canadia. 

1. A IS FOR ABORIGINAL by Joseph MacLean; illus. Brendan Heard

Each letter in this book represents a person, place or event part of Aboriginal history or culture. Information about the communities who first lived in Canada are highlighted in this book.

2. CANADA YEAR BY YEAR by Elizabeth MacLeod; illus. Sydney Smith

A sweeping history of our country from the founding in 1867 to the election of Justin Trudeau.

3. THE DAY I BECAME A CANADIAN: A Citizenship Scrapbook by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet; illus. Song Nan Zhang

Young Xiao Ling Li decides to make a scrapbook for her future sibling, so they too can experience the day the family participated in a ceremony that made them Canadian citizens.

4. GOOD MORNING, CANADA by Andrea Lynn Beck (also, Goodnight Canada, Thank You, Canada)

The sights and sounds of a morning scenes as the seasons change across Canada. NOTE: this was the 2017 TD Grade One Book Giveaway distributed to every Grade One providing young readers a view of what makes Canada special.

5. I AM CANADA: A celebration (various artists)

13 Canadian illustrators contributed to this collection that shine a light on the special people places and things of our country.

6. M IS FOR MAPLE: A Canadian Alphabet by Michael Ulmer; illus. Melanie Rose

Information and inspiration of our nation’s symbols, history, people, and culture are presented in appealing rhymes.

7. MY CANADA: An illustrated atlas by Katherine Dearlove; illus. Lori Joy Smith

Provinces, capital cities, bodies of water and memorable landmarks are featured in this informative book of Canada’s geography.

8. O CANADA illustrated by Ted Harrison

Canadian painter Ted Harrison accompanies the text of our national anthem with beautiful coast to coast images of our home and native land.

9. OUR CANADIAN FLAG by Maxine Trottier; illus. Brian Deines

A heartfelt, prideful look at what the Canadian flag means to those who live in this country (and those who don’t)

10. WOW CANADA!: Exploring this land from coast to coast by Vivian Bowers; iilus. Dan Hobbs and Dianne Eastman

Guy and his family travel across Canada in this text that provides amazing facts, historical wonders, photos and illustrations of famous sights and hidden gems.