SHOUT OUT to the WEE FESTIVAL, a program of theatre events for children ages 0 – 5 years that takes place May 14 – May 21 (various venues).  Check out the Wee Festival Website.  To support the program, I’ve prepared a list of 25 CANADIAN BOOKS FOR WEE READERS. Huge applause to LYNDA HILL for her mammoth efforts to make this program a success.


Asoyuf, Morgan BLACK AND WHITE

Using familial crests of the Pacific Northwest, the art designed to help stimulate brain growth and visual development for young babies.

Bender, Rebecca HOW DO YOU FEEL?

A little hedgehog sets off on a voyage of sensory discovery of textures.

Covello, Paul CANADA ABC

This colourful board book highlights Canada’s iconic symbols, animals and events. (e.g., dogsledding, outdoor hockey, the loonie, Zamboni).


Twelve totem animals in the Anishinaabe tradition are celebrated through the voices of twelve young speakers who explain why they identify with such creatures as fox, bear, raven, beaver. (e.g., Sometimes I feel like a beaver, /busy and purposeful./ I only use what I need /and I always get the job done). (Also: Once in a Blue Moon).

Fagan, Cary; Illus. Madeline Kloepper LITTLE BLUE CHAIR

A young boy seems to have outgrown his blue chair but readers join in on the adventures of the chair as it travels around the world.

Fullerton, Alma; Illus. Brian Deines IN A CLOUD OF DUST

In this simple, poetic story, A Tanzanian schoolgirl helps her friends learn how to ride the bicycles they receive from a truck that pulled into a schoolyard.


A collection of 19 short stories that explores the thoughts and wonderings of young children.

Hatanaka, Kellen WORK

An ABC book of different occupations (Also: Drive: a look at roadside opposites).


There are too many hats to try on when big sister tries to get her young brother ready for an outdoor excursion.

Jocelyn, Marthe SAM SORTS

As Sam is challenged to sort out his toys, readers are invited to consider different ways to classify objects that have similar and different attributes. (Also: One piece of String; One Red Button).

Knapp, Andrew LET’S FIND MOMO

In this Hide-and-Seek Board booko f photographs, young children can search for Momo, the border collie, and other other items

McGrath, Jennifer; Illus. Josee Bisaillon THE SNOW KNOWS

Who is hiding, who is sleeping in the snowy woods? This book explores a winterscape of nature and wildlife. Winner of Marilyn Baillie Picture Book prize, 2017.

Morstad, Julie TODAY

A day in the life of a young girl where hour by hour, she needs to make decisions (e.g., what will she wear?, what will she eat for breakfast?). An interactive book where children can share and discuss their own choices.

Novesky, Amy LOVE IS A TRUCK

A tribute to trucks of all kinds.

Obed, Ellen Bryan; Illus. William Ritchie LITTLE SNOWSHOE

The repetitious pattern of this story about an Arctic rabbit searching for his mother, make it appropriate for read aloud, let’s read together, or you read to me experiences. 30th anniversary edition.

Paradis, Anne, Illus. Kary BABY CAILLOU: Bedtime Hide-and-Seek

By lifting the lifts, readers can help Caillou find things that the needs to get ready for bed. (available in French).

Patterson, Heather I AM CANADA: A Celebration

Thirteen Canadian illustrators celebrate what Canada means to them. (Available in French)


Celebrated plasticine artist, Barbara Reid,` invites readers to look up and take notice of the sky. (Also: Baby’s First Treasury a compilation, including Welcome, Baby; Read Me a Book; Sing a Song of Mother Goose and Zoe’s Year.)


A story of pirates, friendship, play and taking risks! (Available in French)

Tankard, Jeremy HUNGRY BIRD

Bird is hungry. Very hungry. Will Bird’s friends help him overcome his appetite when hunger strikes? (available in French) (Also: Grumpy Bird and Boo Hoo Bird books).

Valero, Geraldo JUMP, LEAP, COUNT SHEEP!

An introduction to the numbers 1 to 10 featuring wildlife from across Canada. (Also: Moose, Goose, Animals on the Loose).

Van Camp, Richard; Illus. Jule Flett LITTLE YOU

A simple board book that celebrates a baby and its family (Also: We Sang You Home).

Yahgulannas, Michael Nicole LITTLE HUMMINGBIRD

When fire rages in the forest, all the animals flee, except for brave little hummingbird who flies back and forth from stream to fire, each time carrying a single drop of water.

Young, Cybele NANCY KNOWS

Nancy the elephant tries to remember all kinds of things in this beautifully illustrated book featuring intricate paper sculptures. Winner of the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book prize, 2014.

Walters, Eric; Illus. Sue Todd AN AFRICAN ALPHABET

The 26 letters of the alphabet in their upper- and lower-case forms are connected to a variety of animals found in Africa. (Also: Bedtime 123)