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Dr. Larry Swartz - Keynote AddressLarry is available for:

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The following titles and descriptions outline some recent Professional Learning presentations…

Teaching Tough Topics

This workshop offers participants thoughts about Why? And How to teach tough topics. Recent examples of children’s picture books, novels, poetry and nonfiction selection will be used as sources for unpacking issues that may seem challenging, but are vital to teach in order to create caring citizens of the world. Such topics as Racism, The Immigrant Experience, Poverty, Gender Equity and Bullying and Kindness will be explored through response strategies that help build an understanding of social justice, diversity and equity issues.

Creating Caring Classrooms

This session demonstrated how to engage students to be caring citizens by building Community, Communication, Collaboration and Compassion through literacy and arts-based experiences.

A Literacy Approach to Confronting the Bully Issue

This practical session provided strategies to confront the bully issue using children’s literature as a springboard for exploration.

When Good Books Matter

This session considered choosing and using good books to motivate and engage readers inside and outside the classroom. Recent examples of children’s literature and an overview of significant response strategies were highlighted.

Story, Story, Hallelujah!

By exploring personal narratives and storytelling strategies, this session promoted the use of  children’s literature to help build connections to the lives of readers and to the world.

Exploring Drama Work

This active – and interactive  – session structured drama work through games, storytelling, role playing, improvisation, and writing in role. The theme of belonging and identity framed the learning.

Talk, Talk, Who’s There?

The workshop offered a framework and collaborative active experiences that included social talk, task talk, book talk, role talk and choral dramatization.

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